Let’s start the project!

A huge hello and welcome to the first ever post from The Wedding Project! We are thrilled to announce that we’re ready to launch the project for 2012 and hope you will join us on our journey! Uninspired by outdated walk-through wedding fairs? Want something interactive and inspirational for your wedding planning journey? Then follow us for we will surely show you the way!

So, who are we and what are we all about?

The Wedding Project is the brain-child of Laura of Just-Married Photography and Karen of Retrospective Bride who have teamed up to transform the world of wedding fairs! We started the project after finding the current offering of fairs impersonal and dull for both brides and exhibitors alike and wanted to create events which would share the amazing talents of wedding suppliers in the South East with the creative brides out there. We especially adore eco-friendly and handmade weddings which truly capture the individual personalities of brides & grooms to be.

Luckily for us, the beautiful Sutton House National Trust property was kind enough to allow us to use its amazing venue as the heart of The Wedding Project.

The Project

The ethos behind the whole project is creativity. Finding inspiration for your wedding day isn’t about seeing one idea and trying to make it fit. It’s about being true to yourself and reflecting your personalities and relationship to your loved ones on the day. But every bride needs a little guidance in a world seeped in wedding magazines, fairs and blogs and sometimes it’s difficult to hold on to the fact that your wedding needs to be as unique as you are when you are bombarded with imagery everyday. Creating a bespoke wedding is easier achieved when you go that extra mile to create elements of it yourself and, with The Wedding Project, you can not only find that perfect look but also learn a new skill to use for your special day. That’s why we are making interactive workshops a central part of our fair to make it as “hands on” as possible. This isn’t just a show – it’s an experience.

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